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63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The 90s

1. Our boybands had dolls,

2. dressed as dolls,

3. were bilingual,  

 4. and extremely multicultural (they’re wearing kimonos)  

5. Our boybands had awesome fan websites  

6. were competitive,  

7. and would battle it out on TRL every day.  

8. Our boybands looked great in sunglasses,  

9. overalls,  

10. camo,  

11. ripped jeans,  

12. leather,  

13. tight baby t’s, 

14. polka dots with jorts,  

15. silk pajamas,  

16. giant top hats,  

17. oversized robes,  

18. this,  

19. and I don’t even know.  

20. Our boybands weren’t afraid to wear du-rags,    

21. earrings,  

22. onesies,  
and hair extensions,  

23. Our boybands were athletic,   (how did they do it?!?!) 

24. really good with cheetahs,  

25. and knew how to stylishly dress for award shows.  

26. our boybands had really bad tattoos, like AJ’s:  69 - around belly button  

27. extremely creative fan art,    There was only so much you could do in MS paint.    

28. and a gay Lance Bass.  

29. Our boybands weren’t afraid to segregate their uglier members,  

30. sold waffles,  

31. and could dance!  

32. Our boybands had awesome hairstyles, like Justin Timberlake’s ramen noodle hair,  

33. Nick Lachey’s frosted tips,  

34. Chris Kirkpatrick’s pineapple head,  

35. JC’s mane,  

36. Nick Carter’s side part,  

37. Justin’s cornrows,  

38. Our boybands had super cool facial hair,  

39. looked great in waiter’s uniforms,  

40. and had famous siblings.  

41. Our boybands were really good with technology,   Those are cellphones.

42. loved designer jeans,  

43. had a member that looked like Jesus,  

44. Our boybands cared about farm animals,  

45. children,  

46. and the holidays!  

47. Our boybands weren’t afraid to drop their pants,  

48. wear funky hats,  

49. and be drenched in glitter.  

50. Our boybands weren’t afraid to wrap themselves in lights,  

51. match,  

52. or wear leopard print.  

53. Our boybands loved hanging out on hammocks,  

54. riding in cars,  

55. crossing their arms,   

56. peeing, 

57. pretending to be pimps,  

58. chillin’ with hot babes.  

59. Our boybands were spiritual,  

60. had braces,  

61. and likes dressing as Shakespeare.  

62. Our boybands loved themselves,  

63. but most of all, they loved you!  


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